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OH&S Consultancy

How to get an OHS management system?

Whilst it is perfectly OK for you to write your own, it is recommended that you consult with a professional OHS consultant to get you started.
There are many layers within the Act and the Regulation and it can get a bit confusing at times if you are not fully familiar with the legislation. But it is important that you do at least some reading and research to make yourself familiar with the concepts.

Then you have to decide whether you just want something that looks good on a shelf, but nobody understands or reads, or if you are serious about OH&S and want something that will improve the safety in your workplace.
If you are just after some 'arse-covering' documents then there are many packages available that will do just that but not much more. We can't help you with those.
But if you are serious about improving workplace safety and willing to spend some time and money, then we can certainly help you.

Practical OH&S systems

The starting point for a working OH&S system is that it must integrate within your existing work practises. If it remains something that sits on top of your normal work, it becomes an annoyance after a while and will be quickly forgotten. But if it fits in with your daily routines, it becomes part of the job and is working with you rather than against you.
To get to that point, we will spend much time with you and your staff to listen how you normally work. Much of it will be fine but if there are any problems, we will work with you to find a suitable solution that satisfies both your needs and the current legislation.

If that sounds interesting, give us a call or send an email: