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Sensible OH&S Systems and
Risk Management

"Health and Safety legislation is here for your benefit and protection, it has not been introduced as a personal vendetta by some dark overlord"
(A practical guide to health and safety in the entertainment industry, Marco van Beek)

Unfortunately the OH&S Regulation is too often used to introduce unpopular 'rules' by people who don't understand the Regulation or just use it to push through their opinion.

This is not what it is all about!

Although confusing at times, the Regulation is there to help you do your job safely, not to prevent you from doing your job, or to enjoy doing it.
With 25 years experience in the entertainment industry, backed with OH&S qualifications, we can assist you in developing, and maintaining, an integrated OH&S policy that works for you and your company's particular needs.

Not hundreds of pages of incomprehensible and irrelevant dribble but a policy that is clear, concise and relevant to your business.


Sensible OH&S Systems

The biggest problem most people in the entertainment industry have is that much of the OH&S documentation is based on building sites or manufacturing, often quite different from the entertainment industry environment. This has often lead to misconceptions, wrong interpretations and downright silly situations.

Stage Safety aims to de-mystify the 'chinese whispers', working on a safer, and happier, workplace for everyone.

Our philosophy is to work with you, so that together we develop, maintain and monitor your own OH&S policy.
We will sit down with you and your staff, analyse your needs, explain what is required - and why, and then come up with proposals how you can run your business in compliance with the Act and the Regulation without hampering the way you operate.

Sensible risk management

Sensible risk management is about:

  • Ensuring that workers and the public are properly protected
  • Providing overall benefit to society by balancing benefits and risks, with a focus on reducing real risks – both those which arise more often and those with serious consequences
  • Enabling innovation and learning not stifling them
  • Ensuring that those who create risks manage them responsibly and understand that failure to manage real risks responsibly is likely to lead to robust action
  • Enabling individuals to understand that as well as the right to protection, they also have to exercise responsibility

Sensible risk management is not about:

  • Creating a totally risk free society
  • Generating useless paperwork mountains
  • Scaring people by exaggerating or publicising trivial risks
  • Stopping important recreational and learning activities for individuals where the risks are managed
  • Reducing protection of people from risks that cause real harm and suffering
  • (From the HSE website - http://www.hse.gov.uk/press/2006/c06021.htm)

What does all the jargon mean?

What is 'Duty of Care'? Why do you need to know?

What does it mean when a client or venue wants your WMS? Or a JSA?

What is a MSDS and why do you need one?

Who we are and what we have done

In the last few years we have been providing services to a broad range of events, exhibitions, concerts and companies.

From basic OH&S policies to detailed risk assessments for large events.
Have a look at who we are and what we have been doing lately!

Crowd Funding Campaign!

The entertainment industry needs a reference guide how to meet its’ obligations under the current WHS legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

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